Last week

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been these last few days, it’s been in places like this

and this

With people like this

doing things like this (aka running into the pacific ocean fully clothed)

Y’see, it’s a thing all the 8th graders do at our school each year called StateTrip. We break up into groups of 8-11 kids with 2 adult chaperones and discover a certain section of the state. Our 8 kids and 2 adults ventured into the SW part of our gorgeous state along with the capitol. It was an amazing experience. I took at least 500 pictures (or at least I was supposed to) but will share some with you.

Ooh looky! a mountain! And what’s that? oh right, my hand. Whoops.

Ultimate frizbee. In a church parking lot.  That was fun.

And boots. After a hike. *winces* not fun. It was MUDDY

That’s all for tonight, folks. Glad to be back.

God bless, Ralyn


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