“I’m sorry for your loss.”: a memoir

"I'm sorry for your loss.": a memoir

“I’m sorry for your loss.”: a memoir by Ralyn
“Today I lost a friend of mine. I never even got to say goodbye. I thought we had time to burn, but life is short you only get one turn… We’re not indestructible. Our lives, unpredictableIt can turn on a dime so now is the time. Don’t wait, don’t wait, don’t wait. Gotta live today

This song, Don’t Wait by Addison Road, kind of defines how I fee. My dog, Kiera, was put to sleep this morning after a rough night. She survived a seizure, then barely survived a second. After the second attack, we took her to the animal ER and they put her on a anesthetic. Mom came and stayed with her as they put her to sleep this morning.

Kiera: 1999-2011

We’re going through an emotional time. Pray everything works out and God can comfort our hearts and set us at peace.


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