“The Girl who Chased Fireflies”


Just a writing idea I had, thought you may be interested! If I decide to expand this into a story (or a short story), then it would be called “The Girl who Chased Fireflies”, or something of the sort. It would be contemporary fiction, n action/adventure or something.


Please comment if you have suggestions or just something to say!


She chased fireflies.
He watched her every night in the summer as she leapt after the glowing creatures at the massive field behind his house. She couldn’t be more than eight years old. He wasn’t a day over nine. But when he saw her in that field, her dirty hands reaching for the fireflies and her tangly blonde hair blowing behind her, peace fell over the humid, Virginia nights.
In the fall, she chased leaves.
In the winter, she chased snowflakes.
In the spring, she chased butterflies.
In the summer, she chased the fireflies again.
June rammed into July, which bled into August. That was when he ventured out to her, asked for her name, the answer coming back in a shy whisper. “Kaylinn.” She asked his name in reply. “Adrian,” was his response.


Blessings, Ralyn


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