Here I am!!

Wow, it’s been quite the summer so far. Many-a family member has been abroad in the country and even the world. I’ve been stuck here at home, doing some in-depth editing. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s stressed me out a bit too.

But here’s the intro to a co-authored story by me and my dear friend A.W. 😀

(Wow, her initials look so professional…)

We entitle it: We Were Thieves.





I barely saw the ground before I hit it, very hard. Because that’s what happens when you get thrown down from unknown heights to the hard ground below; you can’t walk away unscathed.

Hitting the mossy floor back first, my first memory in this new place getting all the wind forcefully beaten from my lungs. I struggled to retain a grasp on consciousness as I lay on the ground, determined to stay awake. I was barely able to keep my brain alert and my eyes open, but I flickered in and out of consciousness, waiting for some sort of feeling to return.

As feeling slowly crept back into my limbs, I did a mental check-over of myself. My legs had sufficiently numbed, so I could tell that my bottom half was submerged in cold, stagnant water, probably a pool, but I couldn’t see said pool, because my eyes were crusted shut. Yuck. I tried lifting my hands to clear them, but only my left responded, as I discovered my right was numb and heavy. Lost circulation. “Blast it all,” I muttered. I cleared the crust from my vision while levering myself into a sitting position. I cracked open my eyes, and the light filtering through the leaves above sliced through, making my head throb along with my vision.

I clamped my hands over my eyes, groaning as I flopped back down and curled up on my side. I tried to remember how I got here but… I couldn’t remember anything.


I opened my eyes, shocked. I didn’t remember… anything. Lifting my head, I struggled to recall even my own name. Z…Z something… Zo… sha… Zotia… that’s it! Now, how old am I? That’s where I drew a blank.


If you have any edits for me, comment please!

God bless America and Happy 4th!


3 thoughts on “Here I am!!

  1. Finally I get to read some of the story! I really like the name. It fits the plot well (at least what I know of the plot). Did you write this or did A.W. write it? Either way it’s really good!!!!

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