Thoughts, pictures and musings

I have a document on Scrivener, in a project entitled “We Were Thieves”, there’s a folder called “Musings”

And it’s plottings and musings by A.W. and it has funny, disjointed interactions about ice cream that tastes like ‘froze’ and how other things taste like ‘sand’. It also has messups with “Dirge of Baronora” (remember that one, A?) that she tried to hide by making the font white (but I read it anyway >:D). I read it today… funness!

We had a plotting party recently. We basically went to church, plotted, watched anime until 1am and fell asleep. Ahh… bliss… Especially because we watched Howl’s Moving Castle and the best characters are in that one.

And here’s some of my own writings, of which I am proud of. It still needs editing, though.

Ralyn pushed herself onto the edge of the wide walls separating the forests outside from the cobbled streets inside. She rested her hands behind her and crossed her knees, waving her combat boots over the heads of the people strolling the streets a few stories below. She pushed a short, white-blonde streak out of her dark eyes and stood on the wall. No one would see her up here. They never looked up. Almost never.

She walked across the three foot wide wall, towards the mansion at the other end. Wrapping her scarf around her head and neck, Ralyn squinted against the watery light leaking down from the perpetually cloudy sky above. Sighing, she broke into a light jog across the wall, stopping at the cornerstone. She looked at the streets of the sunken dukedom on her right side, three or four stories below, and the forest floor on her left side, just a ten foot drop to the damp moss. She’d always though it odd that the city was sunken, but each city has it’s secrets.

Ralyn reached out, touching the top chimney of Bradley Swanborough’s ostentatious mansion. This house it far too big for just a man and his daughter, she thought. Shrugging, she jumped silently from the wall to the roof. Planting her combat boots on the roof’s apex, she stretched her arms wide and took a deep breath. She dropped her hands to her side, shivering as a cold wind pushed back her scarf on her head and the first heavy drops of rain hit her temple. The rain started to pour harder and began dripping down her neck. Shivering, Ralyn pulled the zipper on her leather vest up to her chin. She pulled her leather fingerless gloves farther up her arms and wished that she had worn the woolen, long-sleeved shirt instead of the cotton one. But they were both black, so what did it matter? As long as she was hidden from view, she could handle discomfort. She slid down the opposite side of the roof and planted her boots in the gutter, halting her momentum so she could gaze down at the balcony below. She grabbed the gutter and swung down onto the balcony.

This is my city.

Pretty, isn’t it?

We went downtown a few weeks ago and went to this building that’s the tallest building in my city and went to the 64th floor (it’s an observation deck) and had panoramic views. It was just STUNNING.

Isn’t it just gorgeous?

God bless y’all,



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