Greetings from a different state

I have Six followers!


I also have little to say.


Visiting Texas is always fun; It’s a tradition. I’ve been flying on a plane since I was a baby. We always go every summer.

But it’s different this year.

really different.

My sister and mom went to look at colleges, leaving my dad and me with my grandparents. My dad and I have been with my grandparents only once. It’s still odd, though.

It’s HOT, too. Stifling. Stepping from air-conditioning outside to hot and humid outside is like someone squeezing your lungs. It takes your breath away for a moment. It was 105 this morning, and last I checked, it was 85 at 10pm. :O It’s HOT. But coming from our pacific northwest bubble that is 70 degrees on a daily basis and we consider 93 as “hot”. Us pale Seattleites. It’s where the paleness comes from. >.<

BUT I’ve been getting large amounts of writing done, along with some major anime watching *guilty*

If you don’t know, I love anime and manga and have gotten sucked into an epic series.

But I won’t yabber on and on about anime/manga. I could do an entire post on the ones I’ve watched, started, loved and hated. But I’ll spare you that.




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