Airports bother me.

They really do.

I don’t see the point in layovers, either. Especially 3 hour ones.

So, therefore, I am writing a blog post… in an airport… waiting for 8:50 to roll around so that I can get on the airplane to go home.


But I get to watch reruns of my favorite TV show (Leverage) and get lots of soda (Coke, mainly) and edit and write and edit some more and write some more. It’s all swell and good. But our flight gets in after midnight and guess who has her first day of school tomorrow?


Lucky ol’ me.


Fun stuff, right?

But at least it’s an easy  day, since it’s the first day. No homework, yahoo!

I’ll keep you posted, literally. >.< I won’t post as much, but it’ll still be cool.




PS: My sis and I started a blog:


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