Looking up or down?

Why do they say that we are

in a tunnel, and that there is a

light at the end?


There could be a light

but I can’t see it

because my tunnel caved in.

-“Tunnels” by me


What I don’t understand is when things go so well, and then simultaneously, things start going terribly. You have a great summer, start a great school year. You have the best math teacher in the WORLD, you’re on top of everything and you feel amazing.

And then that one thing happens.

That ONE THING that totally drags you down and, frankly, you feel like dirt. Or something on that level. Like mold. Or fungi. Or algae. (Whatever. You get the point, right?)

But that’s enough about that.

I had my first spanish class today. We get to pick the names we go by for the year, and I’m going by Cecilia! It’s great.

We had to write 10 sentences about us and I’m sharing mine with you!


-I am a writer, and writing is my passion; I am in the midst of many stories and collaborations I enjoy to pieces. It’s a great way for me to relax- in other words, it’s my therapy, along with playing my instruments and/or reading.

-I am an ex-ballet dancer and a current fencer. After dancing ballet for 9 years, I quit this summer and picked up fencing in it’s stead.

-I have a passion to do things for my God. I love my family, I love my church, and I adore my God; he has showed me so much and I owe him more than I can ever repay, so I try to live my life out for him.

-Music is a passion of mine; I play three instruments (flute, piccolo and alto saxophone) and love big orchestral music <3. Whenever I watch movies, I pay attention to the music and soundtrack first.

-I love reading! I joke that I started reading at 18 months (true story) and I haven’t stopped; I love fantasy and you will always find me with a book in my backpack (manga and anime are also blooming loves of mine).


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