Dromio of Ephesus

Ultimately, he's one of my favorite Shakespearean characters. A Comedy of Errors is up there among Much Ado about Nothing and Twelfth Night in my favorite Shakespeares.

And I get to do his monologue as I audition at Much Ado about Nothing at a local theatre in November.

I’m very excited! As difficult as the monologue is, it’s funny,and I think I can evoke some laughs from the people! Cross my fingers!

My monologue, thanks to Wordle.net



Now, the real thing!!


I mean not cuckold-mad;
But, sure, he is stark mad.
When I desired him to come home to dinner,
He ask’d me for a thousand marks in gold:
”Tis dinner-time,’ quoth I; ‘My gold!’ quoth he;
‘Your meat doth burn,’ quoth I; ‘My gold!’ quoth he:
‘Will you come home?’ quoth I; ‘My gold!’ quoth he.
‘Where is the thousand marks I gave thee, villain?’
‘The pig,’ quoth I, ‘is burn’d;’ ‘My gold!’ quoth he:
‘My mistress, sir’ quoth I; ‘Hang up thy mistress!
I know not thy mistress; out on thy mistress!

‘I know,’ quoth he, ‘no house, no wife, no mistress.’
So that my errand, due unto my tongue,
I thank him, I bare home upon my shoulders;
For, in conclusion, he did beat me there.


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