Psalm 1

Yes, I’m still alive, dear world. It’s been a crazy while and I had a CrAzY devotional I wanted to share!!

//Psalm 1:3

 He is like a tree planted by streams of water, 
   which yields its fruit in season 
and whose leaf does not wither. 
   Whatever he does prospers.

I love this verse, the visual it brings and gives me. It’s so vibrant, so real, so tangible. It blows me away. I broke it up in my devotional tonight and wanted to share it with you. The bolded words are things that I thought were important.

“…Planted by streams of water…” This tree (us) has constant nourishment by streams of water. Our nourishment is provided by God through his word, or brought to us by prayer, or blessing. It’s always available just for us, it always uplifts us, always comforts, always nourishes. Water is a daily necessity. For example, if the tree were planted by streams of coffee, it would give us temporary energy, but it would kill us! It doesn’t have the daily things we need, not enough H2O for our daily necessities.

And coffee would taste really really bad if we drank it all the time, every day. It’s gross enough as it is.

SO let’s not pollute the streams that nourish us by turning to something only temporary, let’s turn to something eternal, something lasting.



“…Which yields it’s fruit in season…” I love this section the mostest. When we yield our faith’s fruit (outcome, blessings, positive consequences, talents… basically any give given to us by God through faith), we do it in season, when we need it, or when someone else needs it. When we yield fruit, we yield it when God wants us to yield it, when there is a need for our talent or gift or whatever blessing we can bring to the table. Because when we bring it, someone will take it because someone will need it: that’s why God gave you the gift. Just because you don’t see a use for it doesn’t mean it’s useless, it means it’s useful. When we feel like our tree is withering, we are budding in Christ, because he is preparing us for a bountiful harvest!



“… And whose leaf does not wither…” We are constantly nourished by God (refer to first section, up there ^.^). He’s giving us water to live off of. If he nourishes us with his water (which, because it’s God’s, must be good and healthy and will only help us grow in our faith. There is no excuse for us to wither if we are in God’s presence. If we wither, we aren’t in Christ’s streams of water, we are in the world’s streams of coffee. Which is unhealthy, both in a literal and spiritual connotation. So we need to move back to God’s water-full streams to become healthy again, so we cannot wither and “…Whatever he does prospers.” 

I hope I blessed someone tonight!