Thoughts, pictures and musings

I have a document on Scrivener, in a project entitled “We Were Thieves”, there’s a folder called “Musings”

And it’s plottings and musings by A.W. and it has funny, disjointed interactions about ice cream that tastes like ‘froze’ and how other things taste like ‘sand’. It also has messups with “Dirge of Baronora” (remember that one, A?) that she tried to hide by making the font white (but I read it anyway >:D). I read it today… funness!

We had a plotting party recently. We basically went to church, plotted, watched anime until 1am and fell asleep. Ahh… bliss… Especially because we watched Howl’s Moving Castle and the best characters are in that one.

And here’s some of my own writings, of which I am proud of. It still needs editing, though.

Ralyn pushed herself onto the edge of the wide walls separating the forests outside from the cobbled streets inside. She rested her hands behind her and crossed her knees, waving her combat boots over the heads of the people strolling the streets a few stories below. She pushed a short, white-blonde streak out of her dark eyes and stood on the wall. No one would see her up here. They never looked up. Almost never.

She walked across the three foot wide wall, towards the mansion at the other end. Wrapping her scarf around her head and neck, Ralyn squinted against the watery light leaking down from the perpetually cloudy sky above. Sighing, she broke into a light jog across the wall, stopping at the cornerstone. She looked at the streets of the sunken dukedom on her right side, three or four stories below, and the forest floor on her left side, just a ten foot drop to the damp moss. She’d always though it odd that the city was sunken, but each city has it’s secrets.

Ralyn reached out, touching the top chimney of Bradley Swanborough’s ostentatious mansion. This house it far too big for just a man and his daughter, she thought. Shrugging, she jumped silently from the wall to the roof. Planting her combat boots on the roof’s apex, she stretched her arms wide and took a deep breath. She dropped her hands to her side, shivering as a cold wind pushed back her scarf on her head and the first heavy drops of rain hit her temple. The rain started to pour harder and began dripping down her neck. Shivering, Ralyn pulled the zipper on her leather vest up to her chin. She pulled her leather fingerless gloves farther up her arms and wished that she had worn the woolen, long-sleeved shirt instead of the cotton one. But they were both black, so what did it matter? As long as she was hidden from view, she could handle discomfort. She slid down the opposite side of the roof and planted her boots in the gutter, halting her momentum so she could gaze down at the balcony below. She grabbed the gutter and swung down onto the balcony.

This is my city.

Pretty, isn’t it?

We went downtown a few weeks ago and went to this building that’s the tallest building in my city and went to the 64th floor (it’s an observation deck) and had panoramic views. It was just STUNNING.

Isn’t it just gorgeous?

God bless y’all,



Here I am!!

Wow, it’s been quite the summer so far. Many-a family member has been abroad in the country and even the world. I’ve been stuck here at home, doing some in-depth editing. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s stressed me out a bit too.

But here’s the intro to a co-authored story by me and my dear friend A.W. 😀

(Wow, her initials look so professional…)

We entitle it: We Were Thieves.





I barely saw the ground before I hit it, very hard. Because that’s what happens when you get thrown down from unknown heights to the hard ground below; you can’t walk away unscathed.

Hitting the mossy floor back first, my first memory in this new place getting all the wind forcefully beaten from my lungs. I struggled to retain a grasp on consciousness as I lay on the ground, determined to stay awake. I was barely able to keep my brain alert and my eyes open, but I flickered in and out of consciousness, waiting for some sort of feeling to return.

As feeling slowly crept back into my limbs, I did a mental check-over of myself. My legs had sufficiently numbed, so I could tell that my bottom half was submerged in cold, stagnant water, probably a pool, but I couldn’t see said pool, because my eyes were crusted shut. Yuck. I tried lifting my hands to clear them, but only my left responded, as I discovered my right was numb and heavy. Lost circulation. “Blast it all,” I muttered. I cleared the crust from my vision while levering myself into a sitting position. I cracked open my eyes, and the light filtering through the leaves above sliced through, making my head throb along with my vision.

I clamped my hands over my eyes, groaning as I flopped back down and curled up on my side. I tried to remember how I got here but… I couldn’t remember anything.


I opened my eyes, shocked. I didn’t remember… anything. Lifting my head, I struggled to recall even my own name. Z…Z something… Zo… sha… Zotia… that’s it! Now, how old am I? That’s where I drew a blank.


If you have any edits for me, comment please!

God bless America and Happy 4th!

“The Girl who Chased Fireflies”


Just a writing idea I had, thought you may be interested! If I decide to expand this into a story (or a short story), then it would be called “The Girl who Chased Fireflies”, or something of the sort. It would be contemporary fiction, n action/adventure or something.


Please comment if you have suggestions or just something to say!


She chased fireflies.
He watched her every night in the summer as she leapt after the glowing creatures at the massive field behind his house. She couldn’t be more than eight years old. He wasn’t a day over nine. But when he saw her in that field, her dirty hands reaching for the fireflies and her tangly blonde hair blowing behind her, peace fell over the humid, Virginia nights.
In the fall, she chased leaves.
In the winter, she chased snowflakes.
In the spring, she chased butterflies.
In the summer, she chased the fireflies again.
June rammed into July, which bled into August. That was when he ventured out to her, asked for her name, the answer coming back in a shy whisper. “Kaylinn.” She asked his name in reply. “Adrian,” was his response.


Blessings, Ralyn

“Where do I go from here?”

“Where do I go/ Where do I stand/Where can I find myself again/Where do I go/If not disappear/Where do I go from here?” -Relient K, “Where do I go from here?” The Bird and the Bee Sides.

This song comes to mind as the school year winds to a close. Not only that, but ballet is winding down and pressure is winding up. I have a recital at a benefit concert today and a performance in a few weeks. My grandparents are coming for 8th grade graduation and finals are popping up in every which way. I’m sorry I haven’t posted sooner-pressure has been too high and stress runs deep.

I wish all my readers luck as their school year closes and their summer opens.


PS- My first BFB book is on the way!

Free Books

I just signed up for Blogging for Books by WaterBrook Multnomah publishers!

So… in other words:

I get free books.

I read the free books.

I blog reviews about the free books.

You people read/rate/comment on them.

I get more free books!

So, sooner than later, I will be blogging reviews. So read them! Comment on them! Let your friends know of this blog so that I can get free books 😀



“I’m sorry for your loss.”: a memoir

"I'm sorry for your loss.": a memoir

“I’m sorry for your loss.”: a memoir by Ralyn
“Today I lost a friend of mine. I never even got to say goodbye. I thought we had time to burn, but life is short you only get one turn… We’re not indestructible. Our lives, unpredictableIt can turn on a dime so now is the time. Don’t wait, don’t wait, don’t wait. Gotta live today

This song, Don’t Wait by Addison Road, kind of defines how I fee. My dog, Kiera, was put to sleep this morning after a rough night. She survived a seizure, then barely survived a second. After the second attack, we took her to the animal ER and they put her on a anesthetic. Mom came and stayed with her as they put her to sleep this morning.

Kiera: 1999-2011

We’re going through an emotional time. Pray everything works out and God can comfort our hearts and set us at peace.


I’ve had quite the day in terms of faith-related things. I’ve had insights and thoughts that move me to tears or make me jump with joy or make me just… think.

“Your love never fails, it never gives up, never runs out on me.”

We sang this song in church today, and I believe that there were very few dry eyes in that sanctuary as we felt the Lord work through us in his own unique ways. The mantra of the song runs through my head, mingling in with all the thoughts there, as if God is reminding me of his neverending majesty.

“A man cannot be established through wickedness,
but the righteous cannot be uprooted. ” -Proverbs 12:3

On StateTrip last week, we did a lot of weeding. One weed was so deeply rooted, I pulled on it for a long time before I got the first inch of root out. Now that I’ve read this verse, I think, What if my faith was rooted so deep in righteousness that nothing in the perverse patterns of this tainted world could drag me out?

To define righteous:

“acting in accord with divine or moral law : free from guilt or sin” (thanks,
What if your life was based on that?
“He who heeds discipline shows the way to life,
but whoever ignores correction leads others astray. “- Proverbs 10:17
While on the path of “what if”-ing…
What if the whole world heeded discipline and applied correction to their lives? What if the world read this verse and acted on it? The world would be different, we would act different, we would talk different and we would be closer to God and even more deeply rooted in His righteousness than ever before.
Well, readers, I hope I’ve given everyone something to ponder.
God bless,
And to leave you with a beautiful snippet of God’s creativity:

Last week

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been these last few days, it’s been in places like this

and this

With people like this

doing things like this (aka running into the pacific ocean fully clothed)

Y’see, it’s a thing all the 8th graders do at our school each year called StateTrip. We break up into groups of 8-11 kids with 2 adult chaperones and discover a certain section of the state. Our 8 kids and 2 adults ventured into the SW part of our gorgeous state along with the capitol. It was an amazing experience. I took at least 500 pictures (or at least I was supposed to) but will share some with you.

Ooh looky! a mountain! And what’s that? oh right, my hand. Whoops.

Ultimate frizbee. In a church parking lot.  That was fun.

And boots. After a hike. *winces* not fun. It was MUDDY

That’s all for tonight, folks. Glad to be back.

God bless, Ralyn

WELCOME to my blog!

Welcome to this beautiful blog!

My name is Ralyn ShadowSinger, and this is where I’ll post story bits and photos every once in a while.

A little about ME!

I’ve danced for years and years. I’ve only really danced ballet, and a wee bit of tap when I was six, but ballet caught my fancy, so I pursued it.

I’ve read as long as I’ve been walking, and love fantasy, romance, horror, fantasy, anything pirates.

I adore writing. Always have. Writing that I post will be mine or a good friend’s (if she’ll let me).

So, enjoy my site!